It’s Your Turn, Mumma full e-book available soon!

Theresa Prior Westmeadows

"The truth is, we can’t have it all and be it all. If we are killing it in our gym programs, it’s likely something has gone by the wayside at home. If we are at our child’s assembly presentation, we’ve cut short or completely missed a gym session."

After working with Mums since 2013, I have seen the adverse affects of a busy life on women's health. We are so quick to put ourselves last and the enorminity of trying to find time to improve our own health and fitness can just seem like too much!

So this easy to follow, ten step guide is aimed at helping YOU slowly implement positive changes into your life - without using up too much of your precious time.


I am really excited to launch the first of my online courses! Join me as together, we plan your three month family menu in one go. This super simple method can be done in your own time, at your own pace. The videos and PDF downloads give you everything you need to plan and organise three months’ of dinners, freeing up your valuable time for better things. Like going to the park with your kids, or reading that book you’ve been meaning to.