Starting something new can be daunting, and nothing more so that starting with a new fitness group for the first time. I hope I can allay some of your concerns here <3 

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Do I need to be fit to start?

The short answer here is a very firm NO! Think about it this way - you wouldn’t get a trim BEFORE going to the hairdresser, and you certainly don’t need to be fit BEFORE starting group fitness. If you are just beginning your fitness journey, may I suggest you try my Fresh Fit sessions at 9.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays - these are low-impact and great for all physical considerations. But if those times don’t work for you, don’t worry - everything can be modified to suit your needs in all my other sessions.

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Can I bring my kids?

Yes, yes and YES! Children are most definitely welcome at all sessions - nothing is more impeding to women’s health in our community than gyms with expensive creches or gyms that simply do not allow children at all. I just ask that your children remain your responsibility at all times.

What’s even better, is that EVERY 9.30am session has an extra adult on board, at no cost to you, to help with the children. Of course, your children are your responsibility - our team of babysitters provide additional, not complete, supervision. We set up a playpen at all outdoor 9.30am sessions and our indoor 9.30am sessions have an enclosed playground at the back of the building.

Where are you located?

I have three Westmeadows locations: both the Westmeadows Reserve and the Westmeadows Community Centre are on Ardlie St - simply enter via the driveway opposite the Westmeadows Tavern. Both these locations have toilets. My third location is Harricks Crescent Reserve, right by the Westmeadows Primary School. This location does not have toilets.

Do I need to book?

Yes, and it is super simple to do! Jump on over to the ‘Join The Tribe’ page to find out more.

How do I pay?

Your first class is FREE! Use the code TPPT1st on a TPPT Casual package to claim your first free class.

Online payment options are available via credit card or PayPal. Bank transfer and cash is available by requesting an invoice via email once you have created your TPPT account.

This is all found on the ‘Join The Tribe’ page.

What do I bring to my first class?

Just yourself and a drink bottle! Wear comfy, weather-appropriate clothes and runners. I supply ALL equipment for sessions - including mats and cotton inner gloves for our boxing sessions (you are welcome to bring your own if you wish). You will be asked to fill out a health form at your first session, or you can bring it with you by downloading it here.

I’ve just had a baby. When can I start?

First of all, congratulations! What an exciting time for you.

You will no doubt know about the magic 6-week check with your care provider - and that is a great starting point to assess your health and recovery from a general point of view. But it is an incomplete assessment for your return to exercise.

That is why I ask all new members who are mothers (be it 6 weeks or 6 years post-natal) to see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for a much more thorough assessment of your core function. I work closely with the team at Melbourne Pregnancy and Pelvic Physiotherapy, but you may also have another clinic that has been recommended to you. It is important that you know how well your core and pelvic floor are functioning before you start stressing these muscles with exercise.

So, in answer to this question, if you’ve just had a baby, you can start as soon as you have had your first appointment with a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (and they’ve given you the green light!)

I’m pregnant. Can I join your sessions?

This is another exciting life stage and one that I hope you are able to cherish. The short answer to this question is actually, ‘no’.

I work very closely with the care providers for my existing clients who become pregnant after they have started with me. I am happy to do this as I know the client, I know her fitness levels and I know her health history. I am able to advise her from very early on in the pregnancy as to how we are going to start modifying her programs.

Pregnancy is a time to start slowing down exercise and a time to really listen to your body’s needs. It is not a time to start a new exercise program. That said, there are some great pregnancy classes, such as PreggiBellies or yoga, that would be suitable for you during this time.

What are the sessions like?

Despite the different names, my Dawn Troopers, Motivated Mums, Afternoon Pick-Me-Up and Wonder Women sessions all have a similar programming schedule - these rotate through:

  • Boxing

  • Cardio Queens (running and agility)

  • Bodyweight Basics (we focus on getting the basic moves down pat)

  • Hot HIIT Women (high intensity interval training)

  • Sexy + Strong (strength and conditioning)

These sessions are either 45 or 60 minutes. All sessions start with a warm-up, followed sometimes by a game, and then the main part of the workout. We finish all sessions with a core component and a cool down stretch. As mentioned before, there is no need to bring any equipment, with the exception of boxing liners if you wish. These sessions are published every Sunday on my social media (Instagram and Facebook) pages.

If you are after a low-impact option, then my Fresh Fit sessions are for you! These 45 minute sessions comprise of a warm-up, followed sometimes by a game, and then the main part of the workout. We finish all sessions with a cool down stretch. You will never be made to run or jump in a Fresh Fit session!

Do I have to attend the same day/session each week?

No way! Life is unpredictable, and stuff happens.

That is why my members love the flexibility of being able to choose from ANY of the 12 sessions each week to attend, according to their prepaid package option. For example, someone with a Silver Package can choose to attend ANY two sessions one week, and a different two the next!

What happens if I miss a session?

Don’t worry - I have a very flexible missed sessions policy (download here). You have three chances to make up a missed session - in the week before, the week of, or the week after the missed session. Life happens and I am not here to rip anyone off! If sessions are missed due to illness, a GP certificate must be provided for a credit to be considered. Holiday credits can be offered, as long as sufficient written notice is given.

Are you open on Public Holidays?

No. Family time is incredibly important to me, and we take time over public holiday weekends to do what we love best - go camping. Further information here.

What happens in extreme weather?

With the exception of Fresh Fit and Thursday 7pm Wonder Women (during non-daylight savings time), all my sessions are held outdoors - so be prepared for this. The following exceptions will be made:

  • Rain - sessions will be moved to an indoor location (notified via my Facebook page) if it is already raining, or more than a 50% chance of rain (according to Google weather).

  • Lightning - if possible, sessions will be moved indoors (notified via my Facebook page). The session may be cancelled if an indoor location is not available (refer to cancellation policy).

  • Wind - sessions will be moved to an indoor location (notified via my Facebook page) if winds are exceeding 40km/h (according to Google weather).

  • Cold - ONLY FOR 9.30AM MOTIVATED MUMS. If the temperature is less than 10 degrees (according to Google weather) at 9.30am, then the session will be moved indoors.

  • Heat - sessions will be moved to an indoor location (notified via my Facebook page) if the temperature will exceed 35 degrees during the session (according to Google weather).

Do you offer Personal Training (1:1)?

I am not currently offering Personal Training (1:1).
Regular, small group (4-5 members) personal training can be negotiated with a minimum three month commitment for all members of the group. If this is something that you’d prefer, please email and we can start to get your group organised!