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5 Ways To Be More Active With The Kids

If my kids weren't active, I'd struggle to get my own workouts in some days.

But it's not by chance that they are.

We've worked pretty hard to teach them and encourage them to be active. If the sun is shining - even if it's shining behind the clouds - the kids are outside. Our outdoors lifestyle and numerous camping weekends away means that our kids HAVE to know how to play outside. And to make their own fun. We got them off their training wheels on their bikes from an early age (Claire was still 3 when she DEMANDED that I teach her to ride without them!)

So, what things can you do with your kids? How can you get out and about and active with your kids?

1. Bike Riding. This is the obvious one. Put the kids on their bikes, find a suitable track (I use the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail extension pretty often) and run alongside them or ride with them. Stop as often as you need to. Enjoy the scenery. Talk to the kids about what they find and see. Allow the kids to determine the route.

2. Bushwalk. Explore your own backyard. I took the girls on a 4km return 'bushwalk' through Woodlands Historic Park the other day. We stopped often. We looked at the little sights along the way. We looked out for kangaroos. We watched the planes go almost overhead. And we enjoyed each other's company!

3. Go on a Slide Hunt. This is a favourite one for our girls! Every so often, if we find ourselves with a spare hour or two on a weekend, we'll jump in the car and head out to any one of the new estates popping up in our area. The best thing about the new estates is all the new playgrounds going in! The girls love to find and play on all the new playgrounds.

4. Learn a New Skill. Together. When was the last time you kicked a footy? Rockclimbed? Played tennis? Hit a cricket ball? Danced? Embrace your inner child and learn a new skill with your children. Trust me, you'll have a blast!

5. Do Kids Yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a really cute, story based yoga session for kids. But I think it'd be great for families to do together!