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The Sunday That Was.

Westmeadows Fitness Bootcamp Personal Trainer

The breath steamed from my mouth as I walked through the crisp air along the Yarra, sipping my latte and heading towards the Hallowed Turf, the MCG.

Does it get any more 'Melbourne' than that?!

The day was here!

The day we had been training for. Working hard towards. Up early on Sunday mornings for our 'stair training'.

Finally, the day to conquer the 7300+ stair of Levels 1 + 3 in the MCG. Stadium Stomp 2017.

The atmosphere at the 'G was electric that morning! The air was crisp, but the sun was out and the music was pumping. There is something really special about participating in a large event like this. So many people, from so many different walks of life. All coming together for the one purpose - to push themselves physically and mentally, to do something that you wouldn't normally get to do. So much positivity, so much 'Onya, Mate!'. 

If you have not yet done a large scale event - I dare you to! 

Westmeadows Fitness Bootcamp Personal Trainer

I am so proud of all our ladies (and two token fellas) for everything they did to prepare for and finish the 2017 MCG Stadium Stomp. It was so great to get back to our seats and cheer home our own runners! 

But not only that. It was so fantastic to watch all the runners cross the finish line, after running a lap around the 'G. It is such an amazing feeling to do that - after all those stairs, you honestly feel like you are a complete speed demon as you run on the flat, manicured grass.

But the most important part of the day?

Junior Stomp!

Westmeadows Fitness Bootcamp Personal Trainer

From the warm up to the finish line, it was such a party! The kids got to experience what we got to experience. They got to be 'just like Mum'. They got to experience a physical activity of a different nature. I am just so, so, so proud of these little munchkins.

And this is why I continue to do what I do. I want to show my daughters that physically challenging yourself and training for physical challenges is fun, is worth it and is available to them.

I want them to lean into life. I want them to know that they can give these things a go. That everyone can be their own strong.

So, my challenge to you is this: If you are a parent, how can you challenge yourself to try something new, to aim for something higher, to be out and active with your children? Trust me, you'll thank me for it!!