Organising a nutritious, varied and palatable family menu week in and week out can seem like a mountainous task. And one that might be so overwhelming that you just don’t even do it!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are three tips to help make organising your family menu easier:

1. Be realistic with your time

While your time each week could look very different from one week to the next, you’ll usually find there is a typical pattern to your commitments and time. Once you have a realistic idea of that, you can better plan for meal preparation around that. The other consideration in thinking about time is to pinpoint ways that you are not using your time productively - you’ve probably got more time to prepare nutritious meals than what you realise.

2. Make it work for you and your family

6 week deprivation meal plans are not a realistic or long term nutrition solution for your family. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, simply strip your nutrition back to basics - that is, make sure you’re getting enough vegetables, enough fruit, enough lean protein, enough carbohydrates/grains, enough dairy/alternatives and that you’re drinking enough water, and you’ll be kicking some pretty serious goals!

3. Be flexible

Not everything will go to plan. Not everyone will like a meal. Life happens and things crop up. But like I said in the last point, if you have the basics under control (that is, getting the recommended daily serves of nutrients) then you’ll be kicking some serious goals. Not every meal has to be perfect - you will typically eat 21 meals in a week, so one of them can be flexible. Remember, eating only one salad a week won’t have a positive impact on your nutrition, just as eating one take-away meal a week won’t have a negative impact. Balance and basics are key!