Overhauling your whole lifestyle in order to improve your health can seem like the most overwhelming thing to do in the world! Especially if you’re a busy Mum in the thick of work, daycare drop-offs, OSHC drop-offs and volunteer work at the kids’ sport clubs.

Enough to make you just throw your arms into the air and just give up.

But, what if I told you that you CAN take your time, take it step by step and slowly inch your way towards a more positive, healthy lifestyle without having to use up any more of your precious time?

And here are three easy actions to implement into you day, today, to start feeling better within yourself and help you regain control of your own health.


Firstly, it’s as simple as making sure you are hydrating enough. You would be pleasantly surprised as to just how much better you will feel just by making sure you are drinking enough water!


The second thing you can do today is to get outside. No matter what the weather is doing. To simply just get outside, into the fresh air and take a short walk around the block. However that looks for you - a short walk during the work day, popping the kids into the pram or a quick walk before the school pick up.

The last thing that you can do is to plan your nutrition. I think you’d be surprised at how out of control you can feel when you are going to the supermarket every day or when you are relying on the work cafeteria. Or when you’re shoving the kids toast crusts in for breakfast!

Like anything in life, taking small, actionable steps is a much better way to go about achieving a big goal - rather than worrying about the overwhelming, big picture.

If you want more information, I do have a FREE 10-step guide to help you regain control of your health in a loving, sustainable way. Click here to get your copy.