So, when I started TPPT, I had this vision of improving the health outcomes of the families in my area – simply by helping Mum improve hers.

I figured that if Mum could learn how to eat well, move well and nourish herself and look after herself, that it would have a flow on affect to her family.

Because it did with mine.

But, after nearly 6 years, TPPT and my mission has grown from that.

Now, it is my mission to bring women together. To bring Mums together. To strengthen connections within my local community and to abolish the isolation of modern motherhood.

Too many times, Mums experience that nagging feeling of having to do it all on their own. And no one is in their corner telling them what a great job they’re doing.

But I hope that I can be in their corner. I hope that I can be the one telling them they are amazing – because they all bloody are!

Our Tribe of women is the most supportive, friendly and welcoming bunch you’ll ever come across.

Friendships have been forged – friendships that would not have been made without TPPT.

So, Mumma. Here is my invitation to you.

For 13 weeks this Spring, I’d love for you to experience the TPPT Tribe. I’d love for you to work on improving your own health outcomes. I’d love for you to set your own health goals, and find ways to incorporate movement into your day.

And I’ll be right there with you, supporting you and cheering you on the whole time!

Spaces in this year’s Spring Challenge will close on the 20th of August! You’ll find the Spring Challenge information at the very top of the Join the Tribe page – that’s

Because, unlike other trainers who expect you to overhaul your nutrition, who expect you to train twice a day, who expect you to lose 9kg in 6 weeks, I’ll just be like a really supportive bestie who just happens to know how to get the very best out of you.