Starting a new fitness program, or starting at a new bootcamp, can be really daunting and scary!

So, I’ve put together my top four hacks to make this experience of walking through the ‘doors’ for the first time a much nicer and easier one.

Bring A Friend

Walking side by side with someone you know and trust will make things feel safer. You’ll have someone to help you through, someone to sideways glance at when you have no idea what the trainer has just asked you to do and someone to debrief after the session with!

Call Ahead

Get to know the trainers or staff members at the service before you go! The advantage of social media is that you probably actually do have an inkling of what they will be like. But nothing beats that quick phone chat to get to know someone a little better! This will give you an idea of their personality and will give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive for the first time.

Arrive Early

This will give you time to settle in, to get to know the surroundings and the atmosphere. You’ll probably want to do a nervous wee before the class starts and knowing where to put your belongings makes things easier too. There may even be some paperwork for you to fill out and you’ll want to have a quick face-to-face chat with the trainer, especially if you have any health concerns.

Everyone Has Been In Your Shoes

You are not alone in this nervous, butterfly-stomach feeling you get when you first walk through those ‘doors’. Everyone in that room has been in your shoes. Including the trainer! So, no matter how fit, how experienced or how comfortable they look - everyone has been the newbie once before and everyone should know how you are feeling!

So, don’t let those nerves be the thing that keeps you away from improving your health and fitness for life. Use these tips to help make that first sessions a better session - and of course, I look forward to meeting you!