Hey there!

This is my little mantra for June - because taking it easy on myself is something that I'm terribly not very good at. My expectations of myself are sky high. My 'to-do' list is always a million dot points long. And even if I do happen to tick off said million dot-points, I think of another million to take their place. 

So, in June, I'm lowering my expectations of myself.

Not because I want to lower my standards. Not at all.

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But because I need to remove the need to be PERFECT before I do something. Because I have a lot that I want to achieve in the next month, and if I wait until everything is 100%, A++ or the best of the best, I won't get any of it done! 

So I'm doing away with fear. I'm reaching out, contacting the people I need to contact to make things happen and just making it happen. I'll trust in the process and know at the end of the day, things will work out for the best. Because they invariably do.

And I'm also doing away with the need to fill every hour of every day with achieving something. You know that feeling - needing to be 'busy' in every minute? If you do this, then you'll understand. You're with me. So, like me, why don't you try to take life down a gear for a month? I'm hoping that it will make me a bit more present, a bit more relaxed. And maybe, just maybe, a bit more confident in myself! Is that something you'd like to feel too?

Good! Then join me along the way. Lower the expectations. Smell the roses and enjoy the moment. 

Much love!