As I scroll back through the old posts in this blog, I have a little cringe. 

There is a lot of regurgitated 'fact' that I thought would be useful. That I thought would educate. That I thought you needed to know.

But none of it is ground breaking stuff. None of it is something that you can't find on Google. 

Granted, some of it is important for you to know - of course I want you to know about your pelvic floor, about how to look after your body after the birth of your babies. I guess I wanted those posts to give you a little insight to 'me'. 

They do, within reason. They show you what this business is about. They show you what you can expect from a TPPT session. But, that's about it.

And I don't know about you, but I want to go onto a blog to get more of an insight to the 'person' behind the keyboard. I want to know what makes them tick, how they feel, how they think and what gets them through each day.

Which is why I'm going to get a little bit honest about ME. And this time, about my nutrition. Which has been shocking of late. One thing that I've learnt about myself over the past month is that I am an emotional eater. Things haven't quite been going my way. Life has been a bit hectic. I have been feeling quite unsure about myself.

That old saying is so true - the older you get, the less you know!

And I think in the busy-ness of it all, I stopped looking after my own nutrition. Sure - I have a fantastic breakfast. Sure - I pack a lunchbox full to the brim of healthy, nutritious snacks. Sometimes, my lunchbox even contains lunch.

But that's the problem. Sometimes. Because, of course, the busy-ness meant that I often forgot to prepare my lunch. And I'm not one to buy my lunch - I don't see the point in the extra expense to be honest. 

So that meant that by the time I got home at around 3pm (in time to do school pick up) I was pretty hungry. So, I'd find myself stuffing myself with some pretty ineffective nutrition choices (read: CRAP). Not that we have a lot of crap in this house - but THREE ham, cheese + salad wraps is not really effective nutrition. Let's call a spade a spade.

Whoa!! Wait??!!

What's the PT doing admitting that her nutrition is sometimes a cesspool of ridiculous choices?

Because, you know what. I'm human too!

Because my attitude around nutrition has 'evolved' over time. Because I am constantly trying to educate myself around nutrition. 

Low carb/high fat. Protein, protein, protein. No carbs after 3pm. Extreme calorie restriction. Intermittent fasting. 5:2. 

Blah, blah, blah!

*I haven't tried all these. But this is what you see in all the headlines, swirling around the media. How is anyone supposed to make an effective choice with so many ideas being thrust in their face?!

The ONE nutrition premise that I keep coming back to, to guide my nutrition choices and to help get me back on track is that of the 'non-diet approach'. You know, just eat real fricken food! In moderation.

Which is the key word for me. Moderation. 

So, I am about to embark on my own nutrition challenge. To just eat real food, as close to it's natural source as possible, in moderation. 

It's actually not rocket science. But it needs to be done. And from now on, that is the only expectation I will have of myself and of others. We're all too busy in this life to be bothered with weighing, measuring and portion controlling to the extreme!

(And wine. Don't forget the wine!)