Hello my beautiful friend,

I have spent the best part of this week 'just moving'. And boy have I loved it! No routine (which is quite a bizarre concept for me) and just going with the flow. Literally as it would seem - on Tuesday I managed to get a short BodyBalance class in (thanks YouTube). The gym I go to has a really cool 'playground' in the back room - lot's of toys to play with in a big, functional space. And I have really enjoyed exploring them and seeing what I can do. From learning some new kettlebell technique that I picked up from FILEX, to working on my chin ups (LOL, soooo far away from an unassisted one!!) New movements will always something that will need improving. But that's another story!

And then yesterday, I very bravely went for a solo bushwalk through the Woodlands Historic Park. Complete solitude for the first half (4.5km up to Gellibrand Hill) - bar the two mobs of sleeping kangaroos that I cautiously passed. I saw only three people on the way back. It was soo good to hear the bird calls, feel the fresh breeze on my face and be surrounded by the old eucalyptus trees. It's not a strenuous walk by any stretch of the imagination. But you know what, bloody exhilarating to get to spend some time back in the outdoors, by myself, doing what I love.

Which is a far cry from where I was in my life a short 6 years ago. But that's another story for another day...

So, my challenge to you, my beautiful friend, is to challenge yourself. What's a way that you can move that is different to how you normally move? How can you challenge yourself? Maybe you're like me. Maybe it's Yoga that is your nemesis. Or maybe you want to learn how to do a handstand? 

Just move often and have fun!

PS - A lot of my 'Movement Week' can be seen over on my Insta account. Just promise you won't laugh! Remember, I'm learning too.