I have a little wee-bee in my bonnet this month.

And to save you reading along - here is the link to a very valuable resource that I want you to check out:

The Victorian Continence Resource Centre.

Go on, check it out!

I follow a very popular running group on the ole' book of Face, one aimed at mothers, and the perception is still out there that it's okay to wee yourself a bit when you run.

'Oh, that's just the way it is, I've had kids, you know...'

Or even just talking to friends, colleagues, acquaintances (no, my dear friends, I'm not throwing you under the bus here!) - the acceptance that your body is now a 'trampoline free zone' since having your beautiful children.

NO, NO, NO!!!

It's not okay! It's common - 1 in 3 women who have had children (more here) will suffer from incontinence - but in no way is it normal and in no way should it be accepted.

Urinary incontinence after childbirth can be caused either by the stress placed on the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, or by the birth itself, or both. The pelvic floor muscles (imagine trying to hold a fart in - yep, you're doing it, aren't you?!) become lengthened and weakened and can no longer support the opening of the bladder like they should.

But it's okay - these muscles can be trained! In fact, urinary incontinence has an 80% cure rate when treated by a Women's Health Physiotherapist.

The biggest wee-bee in my bonnet on this whole issue is that Australian women STILL aren't receiving good enough information about this issue. My personal experience of pelvic floor health during both my pregnancies was being handed a fact sheet (that was clearly a copy of a copy of a copy), having a reminder to 'do your Kegels' mumbled at me - with no explanation what-so-ever, and absolutely NO follow up pelvic floor assessment in ANY of my post-natal appointments. 

What gives?!

So, jump on over to the link at the top of the article (or here) and book your appointment today. Talk to EVERY lady in your life. The more we know, the better! I am still surprised every day that women (mostly mothers) are so willing to accept what is happening as a 'normal' part of motherhood. It's not, we should not accept it!