10 Things You Can Do NOW To Regain Control Of Your Health


10 Things You Can Do NOW To Regain Control Of Your Health

It’s the super-busy-crazy time of the year for us Mums, hey?!

So, here are my top ten things you can do NOW to help maintain control of your health and fitness during this time…

(And no, it’s not about ‘making sure you don’t put on weight over the festive season’, and more about maintaining an even keel of TOTAL health during this time - physical, mental, social and emotional).



The Year I Didn't Breathe

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I am an inherently busy person by nature - there is an old saying, ‘the devil makes light work of idle hands’. And I think that has been passed down through the generations to me.

But there was a year in my life where I literally didn’t even have time to breathe.

No, really.

Everything in that year ran with absolute military precision.

From running my own group and PT sessions four days a week, to working in my ‘career’ job (primary school teacher) two days a week, to ‘working’ with my Dad one day a week, and still managing to have Sundays off - there was very little wriggle room for anything to take longer than expected, or to not happen at the very precise moment that I wanted it to happen.

And all of this while I still had a preschooler at home!

I remember the timetable so vividly. Because it was etched in my brain.

Monday - get the Preppie ready for school and get myself ready to run Motivated Mums. Go straight from Motivated Mums to PT sessions. Quick lunch and off to the school to help in the classroom.

Tuesday + Wednesday - get the kids up and ready so that I could do the Day Care drop off in time for the Before School Care opening (7am). Get to my school in order to fit as much work in as possible before the face-face teaching day started. Tuesdays stay late for a staff meeting, Wednesdays stay to run staff PT sessions.

Thursday - get the Preppie ready for school to do drop off at the earliest possible time, to then start the drive down to Torquay where the preschooler and I would spend the day with my Dad. Leave there by 3pm in order to beat the worst of the Ring Rd traffic, so I could cook a quick dinner (always spag bol) and head back out to run the Thursday 7pm session.

Friday - Same as Monday.

Saturday - Run a session then whiz over to Little Aths. Do whatever needed doing there (and occasionally I got to watch the kids compete). After aths, I’d do a quick grocery shop and then try to get through as much of the laundry as I could.

But I look back now and wonder just how I really managed to fit all of that in.

And the truth is - I didn’t manage.

I got by. Everything got done. The kids got everything they needed. The family managed.

But the one person who didn’t get what her health needed?

Yep. Me.

My sleep suffered. I put on a lot of weight in that year. Half the time I couldn’t construct a complete sentence. My mind was never quiet.

But fate has a funny way of stepping in.

I made the massive decision to resign from my teaching position. And within that same month, Dad made the decision that he needed someone to do a lot more work that what I could do, and so didn’t need me to come down any more.

It’s safe to say that I was a bit lost at first - I really didn’t know what the future would look like for me.

I will always be a busy person - I like finding useful things to do with my time.

But it is so nice now to be able to see something through properly. I no longer have to rush through things because I am so strictly bound by time. It is so nice to be able to stop and go for a walk.

I feel much calmer now. I am so glad that all the turns of events allowed me some room to breathe!

If you’d like to know more, I’ve got a FREE guide, with ten simple steps to help you regain control of your health in your busy life. https://mailchi.mp/f5f3eb4585cd/your-turn-mumma


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